Complete Historical Notes
The Rosicrucian Fellowship




  • The Rosicrucian Fellowship--beginning in Seattle, WA: 1908, November
  • 40 acres of land bought by Mr. and Mrs. Heindel in Oceanside, CA: 1911
  • Ground-breaking for the first building on Mount Ecclesia:
  • The Founder's Cross (C.R.C.): 1911, October 28
  • Incorporation of The Rosicrucian Fellowship: 1913, January 10
  • Administration Building--first building: 1913, March
  • Echoes from Mount Ecclesia: 1913, June
  • Sanitarium started: 1913, August 6th
  • Present Guest House, project started: 1929, May
  • Opening; 1938, December
  • Water Supply on Mount Ecclesia: 1913, Fall
  • 78 Palm-trees along (Palm) Ecclesia Drive: 1913, December
  • The Bell of Mount Ecclesia: 1914, February
  • Roses and Rose-Bushes: 1914, February
  • Dining Hall -- Cafeteria: 1914, Summer
  • Electric Light Plant on Mount Ecclesia: 1914, November
  • Dedication of the Pro-Ecclesia, by Max Heindel: 1914, December 24
  • Electrical Rosicrucian Emblem: 1915, beginning
  • Magazine Rays from the Rose Cross: 1915, May
  • Administration building--new building: 1917, March
  • Passing of Max Heindel: 1919, January 6th
  • Temple -- The Ecclesia -- project: 1914, Thanksgiving Day
  • Beginning of the Building: 1920, May
  • Dedication of the Ecclesia, by Mrs. Heindel: 1920, December 24
  • Healing Department Building -- Dedication: 1938, August
  • Books printed (non exhaustive list): 1909-1931
  • Renovation of the "Old Landmarks" on Mount Ecclesia: 1990


  • 1907, Fall: Max Heindel went to Germany to study a teaching.
  • 1908, November: Beginning of THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, which is a School. (Teaching of an Initiate, p. 33).
  • 1909: Printing of The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, textbook of the teachings.
  • 1909, Fall: Printing of The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers (p. 12).
  • 1909, End: The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures are given as lectures.
  • 1911: 40 acres of land bought by Mr. and Mrs. Heindel in Oceanside.
  • 1911, October 28: Ground-breaking for the first building on Mount Ecclesia--Address. A reporter of the San Diego Union is present: "A stick in the Desert."
  • 1910--1911: Correspondence School started.
  • 1911: Solar heater (Rays from the Rose Cross, September 1915--p. 7).
  • 1913, January 10: Incorporation of The Rosicrucian Fellowship (p.88).
  • 1913, June: Echoes from Mount Ecclesia started.
  • 1913, June 4: School of Philosophy and Healing started on Mount Ecclesia.
  • 1913, August 6: Sanitarium started in one cottage. New building--actual Guest House--opened December 1938.
  • 1913, Fall: Water supply improved on Mount Ecclesia (own Water supply).
  • 1913, November: Scientific Simplified Astrology has been translated in French.
  • 1913, December 9: 78 palms in place along Palm Drive--called, a little later, Ecclesia Drive.
  • 1913, December: Second hand little organ in the Pro-Ecclesia (Chapel).
  • 1914, January: Children nursery started.
  • 1914, February: Bell installed--Roses and Rose-bushes planted. Freemasonry and Catholicism, released before February 1914. How shall we know Christ When He Comes?
  • 1914, March: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception may be bought in Dutch, German and Spanish direct from Headquarters. The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers, in Spanish, may be bought from Headquarters.
  • 1914, July: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, fourth edition in English. The Rosicrucian Mysteries are released. Christ or Buddha? by Annette C. Rich is released.
  • 1914, Summer: Dining Hall built--dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1914.
  • 1914, Thanksgiving Day: Corner Stone of the Ecclesia (Temple) made.
  • 1914, November: Own electric plant installed.
  • 1914, November 27: Decision taken to build the Pro-Ecclesia (Chapel).
  • 1914, November 29: Ground-breaking of the Pro-Ecclesia.
  • 1914, December 24: Dedication of the Pro-Ecclesia.
  • 1915, beginning: Electrical Rosicrucian Emblem installed.
  • 1915, May: Rays from the Rose Cross started.
  • 1917, March 13: Second Administration Building started (the present one, near the Arch).
  • 1918, January: Simplified Scientific Ephemeris released.
  • 1918, February: Simplified Scientific Tables of Houses released.
  • 1918, June: The Web of Destiny, series of nine lessons, is released.
  • 1918, November: The Message of the Stars is ready for distribution.
  • 1919, January 6: Passing of Max Heindel.
  • 1920, May: The Building of the Ecclesia: The Work in the Past, The Construction, Workers Needed, The Panacea, The Time and the Funds, Necessity of Cooperation.
  • 1920, June: The Building of the Ecclesia: Time Limit, Our Privilege and our Opportunity.
  • 1920, June: Training School for Rosicrucian Lecturers.
  • 1920, June 29: 12:12 Noon, Ground-breaking of the Ecclesia.
  • 1920, August: The Building of the Ecclesia. The Rosicrucian Opening Hymn mentioned.
  • 1920, November: The Web of Destiny, now in form of a book, is being printed. Mystical Interpretation of Christmas is released.
  • 1920, December 24: 10:30 P.M., The Dedication of the Ecclesia.
  • 1920, December 25: 11:00 A.M., first regular Temple Service in the Ecclesia.
  • 1921, March: In the Land of the Living Dead, by Prentiss Tucker, is released.
  • 1922, March: Board of Trustees mentioned.
  • 1922, August: An Index of the Rosicrucian Literature is projected. The help of students is wanted.
  • 1923, August: Decision taken to build a new dormitory. August 7, Ground-breaking
  • 1923, September: Mr. Lester A Cramer of Los Angeles, architect of The Rosicrucian Fellowship
  • 1923, September: Board of Directors mentioned. (also March 1924)
  • 1924, January: The work on the new dormitory is being rushed.
  • 1924, March-April: New electrical system and rewiring the grounds.
  • 1924, June: Some of the Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures are ready for blind people.
  • 1924, November: Pipe Organ in the Temple, mentioned for the first time.
  • 1926, March: Decision taken to have a Children School at Mount Ecclesia.
  • 1926, August: First time that the Rosicrucian Sunday School is mentioned.
  • 1927--1928: Starting the Rosicrucian Philosophy on the Radio.
  • 1928, April: Rosicrucian Philosophy on the Radio for the first time.
  • 1928, June: Pipe Organ in the Ecclesia (Temple) installed and fully paid. ($4000:00).
  • 1928 August-September: Astro-Diagnosis, a Guide to Healing is released
  • 1928--1929: Starting the Rosicrucian Prison Work (in 1992 this work goes on).
  • 1930--1932: Starting the studying of the Rosicrucian Philosophy , and also the Junior and Senior Astrology Courses, by mail.
  • June 1931: Ancient and Modern Initiation is released.
  • 1938, August: Dedication of the Healing Department Building.
  • 1938, December: Sanitarium, opening of the new building--the actual Guest House.
  • 1990: Renovation of the "old landmarks" on Mount Ecclesia.

THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP -- Beginning: November 1908

  (Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, April 1916, p.42.)

   The Rosicrucian Fellowship is a school of thought. It aims to give to the Western World explanations of life and its mysteries, which time has obscured, and to make the Christian teachings a living factor in the land. It encourages people to remain with their churches, and to those who have lost that anchorage it offers a safe haven, until they can get their bearings; when, with a broader, truer perception and a firmer foundation for their faith, they may return to leaven the Christian thought within the church. It teaches men not only to believe, but to know, and knowing, to live the higher life...

   The Rosicrucian Fellowship was formed to be an instrument in the hands of the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order, a wider channel through which spiritual light and power may reach the world.

   The Rosicrucian Fellowship was launched during the late summer and autumn of 1909, after a course of lectures in Seattle by Mr. Max Heindel. A study center was formed and the headquarters temporarily located in that city.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, June 1914, p. 2.


   In the fall of 1907, Max Heindel went to Germany to study a teaching which seemed to bear the stamp of truth, but upon investigation proved dreamy, impractical and inadequate. At the time when his disappointment was deepest, the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order, who are now Hierophants of the lesser Mysteries, offered him the coveted instruction on condition that he keep it secret. Being himself consumed with soul hunger, Mr. Heindel realized the burning desire of millions of starving souls, and refused to accept for self a teaching he might not share with all the world. Later he found that by this very refusal he had passed the final test of the Elder Brothers who had been trying him to ascertain if he possessed the unselfishness and fidelity principle they required of their messenger. The Rosicrucian Mystery Teachings were then confined to his care, with instruction to preach and publish this message to the world.

   Then the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception was written and it marked an entirely new departure in this class of literature for it not only appealed to the mind and gave logical explanation of all religious mysteries, but also satisfies the heart to the fullest extent. Therefore it has won its way throughout the World with amazing expedition. Three large editions were required within the first year and a half to fill the demand and a fourth edition has now convincing testimony that many thousands of students have found in this book what they have long sought elsewhere in vain.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, June 1914, p. 1, 2.

   In 1907 also, in Germany, when the question of headquarters was up for discussion, Max Heindel was instructed by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order to look for a place overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California and having at the back of it, snow capped mountains; he and Mrs. Heindel tried first to buy a place which seemed to suit the descriptions partly, but obstacles were piled up so that they could not perfect the purchase. Then, Mount Ecclesia was found and at once recognized as meeting all the conditions required.

   Rays from The Rose Cross, May 1915, p. 15.


   Formerly, religious truths were intuitively perceived or taken wholly on faith as dogmas of the church. Today, a growing class demands that immortality and kindred matters be proved to the intellect, deductively or by observation, as are other facts of life, like heredity and ether. They desire religion as much as their fathers, but want the ancient truths in modern dress congruous to their altered intellectual condition. To this class the Rosicrucian Fellowship addresses itself with a definite, logical and sequential teaching, concerning the origin, evolution and future development of the world and man which is as strictly scientific as it is reverently religious; a teaching which makes no statements not supported by reason and logic, which satisfies the mind by clear explanations, which neither begs nor evades questions, but offers a reasonable solution to all mysteries, so that the heart may be allowed to believe what the intellect has sanctioned, and the solace of religion may speak peace to the troubled mind.

   Rays from the Rose Cross, October 1915, p. 55.

  PRINTING OF THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION, textbook of the teachings, in 1909.


   So, in order to make the Rosicrucian philosophy way of life and health of practical value to the world, Mr. and Mrs. Heindel bought, in 1911, 40 acres of land in the little town of Oceanside, 83 miles south of Los Angeles, for the amount of $5000.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, July 1948, p. 1.

   It is one of the sightliest spots in sunny Southern California, situated upon the promontory of a high table land. From Mount Ecclesia, as our headquarters have been named, there is an unobstructed view of the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. Directly west lies the island of San Clemente, 75 miles out, and ships are often silhouetted upon the skyline as they sail by. Forty miles to the southward looms the promontory of La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego, the southernmost city in Uncle Sam's spacious realm. Eighty miles north from Mount Ecclesia we see the lovely island of Catalina with its crystal clear waters and its luxuriant submarine gardens so strange and fantastic that they outstrip fancy and fairytale alike. Standing upon the same spot whence we saw the magnificent marine view described above, we may behold a landscape equally glorious varied and wide by simply turning upon our heel and looking towards the east. Immediately below Mount Ecclesia lies the smiling San Luis Rey valley with its fertile green fields and its historic old Mission. A little further away are the rounded foothills with their wonderful play of light and shade, then the mountains with their rugged contours and farthest to the east we see the snowcapped peaks of Mount San Bernardino, Mount Greyback and Mount San Jacinto. The first named is 100 and the last 75 miles from the coast. Thus the range of our views from Mount Ecclesia is 150 miles east and west, (from San Jacinto Mountain to San Clemente island), and 120 miles north and south, (from Catalina to La Jolla).

   The climate is as wonderful as the view, and as incomprehensible to all who have not lived here. One may wear a white shirtwaist outdoors every day in the winter, and although the water in our solar heater gets so hot that it cracks glass, we do not perspire on the warmest day in summer on account of the sea breeze which sweeps over Mount Ecclesia every day from about 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., cooling the atmosphere and filling our lungs with invigorating ozone fresh air from the heaving bosom of the great Pacific Ocean. It is a veritable elixir of Life, and therefore this place offers such rare physical conditions for the attainment of health, that it is probably without peer.

   Rays from the Rose Cross, September 1915.

   Mr. and Mrs. Heindel moved down to Oceanside from their little cottage in Ocean Park on the morning of October 27, 1911.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, July 1948, p. 1.


  October 28, 1911

   This month I am departing from my usual custom of devoting the students' letter entirely to a review of the previous month's lesson, in order to tell you of the ceremony we had at Mount Ecclesia on the 28th, when we broke ground for the first building on the site of our permanent Headquarters. I feel sure you were with us in spirit, that you are eager to hear about it, and I know the recital will bring us in closer touch.

  Our first idea was to forego any outward show or ceremony. We desired to avoid all unnecessary expense as our funds are not, even now, sufficient to finish the building inside, and we shall have to rough it for awhile until conditions are more favorable.

   I had intended to go there and hold the service mentally, and alone, but it seemed so cold, dreary, and desolate not to have one friend there in person to rejoice with me on that momentous occasion, not even my dear companion in the work--Mrs. Heindel. Moreover, as this is a very important affair of the Rosicrucian Fellowship and not a personal matter, I felt that opportunity to attend ought to be given the members. The thought grew upon me until I decided to ask the Teacher's advice; and, as he most heartily approved, we made an appropriation for the purpose of celebrating the event in a simple, yet fitting manner, and sent notices to friends in the immediate vicinity.

   We made a large cross of the same style as our emblem, and on the three upper ends we had painted, in gilt letters, the initials: C. R. C. These, you know, represent the symbolical name of our great Head, and designate our Emblem as the Christian Rose Cross, which conveys an idea of beauty and a higher life so different from the gloom of death usually associated with the black cross.

  This cross and a climbing rose we decided to plant at the same time as we broke ground for the building, so that they might symbolize the verdant life of the various kingdoms traveling to higher spheres along the spiral path of evolution.

   On the 27th, Mrs. Heindel and I started for Oceanside, nearly exhausted from the strain of packing and moving. The first rain of the season was falling, and we felt some apprehension concerning the effect on the ceremony; but as we looked toward the almost cloud-hidden mountains in the east, we beheld the largest, most glorious rainbow we had ever seen--a double rainbow in fact--and it's southern foot seemed to stand directly upon Mount Ecclesia.

   Our responsibility to aid thousands of weary hearts to bravely bear their burdens has often seemed beyond our strength; yet always have we found our powers renewed by looking within; and this time it seemed as if all Nature wanted to cheer us and was saying: "Take courage, remember the Work is not yours but God's; trust entirely in Him; He will point the way." So we clasped hands and took heart with new strength to carry on the beautiful work of which Mount Ecclesia is to be the center.

   The day of the ceremony was an ideal California day; the sun shone in a cloudless sky. Wherever we looked from Mount Ecclesia, ocean, valleys, and mountains seemed to smile. Both the workers and visiting members were enraptured with the incomparable beauty of the Headquarters site. Those present were: Annie R. Atwood, of San Diego; Ruth E. Beach, of Portland, Ore.; Rachel M. Cunningham, Rudolf Miller, and John Adams, of Los Angeles; George Kramer, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Wm. M. Patterson, of Seattle, Wash.; Mrs. Heindel and myself.

   At the appointed time I broke ground for the building. All helped to excavate for the cross, which was set by Wm. Patterson. Mrs. Heindel planted the rose, which was then watered by all present. May it grow, may it bloom, to adorn the nakedness of the cross and be an inspiration to purity of life that will cover all past sins, no matter how dark the life may have been.

   Letters to Students, No. 11, Max Heindel, p. 32 (November 1911).


October 28, 1911

   Christ said, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there will I be among them"; and as always when He spoke, this utterance was an expression of the most profound divine wisdom. It rests upon a law of nature which is as immutable as God Himself. When the thoughts of two or three are centered upon any certain object or being, a powerful thought form is generated as a definite expression of their minds, and is instantly projected towards its goal. Its further effects depend upon the affinity between the thought and whosoever is to receive it, as to generate a vibratory response to a note sounded by a tuning fork it requires another fork of identical pitch.

   If thoughts and prayers of a low, selfish nature are projected, only low and selfish creatures respond. That kind of prayer can never reach the Christ any more than water can run up a hill. It gravitates toward demons and elementals, which remain totally unresponsive to the lofty aspirations engendered by such as congregate in the name of Christ.

   As we are today gathered upon this spot to break ground for the Headquarters of a Christian Association, we may rest assured that as surely as gravity draws a stone toward the center of the earth, the fervor of our united aspirations will provoke attention from the Founder of our faith (Christ), Who will thus be with us. As certainly as forks of identical pitch vibrate in sympathy, so must the august Head of the Rosicrucian Order (Christian Rose- Cross) lend his presence upon this occasion when the home of the Rosicrucian Fellowship is being started. The Elder Brother who has been the inspiration of this movement is present and visible to some among us at least. There are present upon this momentous occasion and directly interested in the proceedings the perfect number--12. That is to say, there are three invisible leaders who are beyond the stage of ordinary humanity, and nine members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. Nine is the number of Adam, or man. Of these, five, an odd, masculine number, are men, and four, an even feminine number, are women, while the number of invisible leaders, three, aptly represents the sexless Divine. Neither has the number attending been arranged for by the speaker. Invitation to take part in these exercises was extended to many individuals, but only nine responded. And as we cannot believe in chance, the attendance must have been regulated in accordance with the design of our invisible leaders, and may be taken as an expression of the spiritual power behind this movement. If further proof were needed than the phenomenal spread of the Rosicrucian teachings, which have penetrated to every country on earth in the last few years and provoked assent, admiration, and love in the hearts of all classes and conditions of people, particularly among men.

   We emphasize this as a noteworthy fact, for while all other religious organizations are composed largely of women, men are in the majority among the members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. It is also significant that our doctor members outnumber those from all other professions, and that the ministers come next. It proves that those whose privilege it is to care for the ailing body are alive to the fact that spiritual causes generate physical weaknesses, and that they are seeking to understand so that they may give more efficient aid to the infirm. It demonstrates also that those whose office it is to minister to the ailing spirit are endeavoring to meet inquiring minds with a reasonable explanation of the spiritual mysteries, thus strengthening their flagging faith and cementing their tie to the church, instead of responding with dictum and dogma not supported by reason, which would open wide the flood-gates to the seething sea of skepticism and sweep the searcher for light away from the haven of the church into the darkness of materialistic despair.

   It has already been the blessed privilege of the Rosicrucian Fellowship to rescue many a sincere seeker, anxious but unable to believe what seemed contrary to reason. Given reasonable explanation of the underlying harmony between the dogmas and doctrines propounded by the church and the laws of nature, such ones have been sent back into the church fold rejoicing in the fellowship there, stronger and better members than before they left.

   Any movement that is to endure must possess three divine qualities: Wisdom, Beauty, and Strength. Science, Art, and Religion each possesses one of these attributes in a measure. It is the purpose of the Rosicrucian Fellowship to unite and harmonize each with the others by teaching a religion that is both scientific and artistic, and to gather all churches into one great Christian Brotherhood. Just now the clock of destiny marks an auspicious moment for the commencement of building activities to erect a visible center whence the Rosicrucian teachings may radiate their beneficent influence to further the well-being of all who are physically, mentally, or morally infirm.

   Therefore, we now lift one shovelful of earth from the corner of the building site with a prayer for Wisdom to guide this great school along the right lines. We turn up the ground a second time with a supplication to the Master Artist for the faculty of presenting the Beauty of the higher life in such a manner as to render it attractive to all mankind. We break the ground for the third and last time in connection with these exercises as we breathe a prayer for Strength patiently and diligently to continue the good work so that it may endure and become a greater factor for upliftment than any of its predecessors.

   Having thus broken ground for the site of the first building, we will now proceed to plant the wonderful symbol of life and being, the composite emblem of the Western Mystery School. This consists of the cross, representing matter, and the climbing rose that twines around its stem, representing the verdant evolving life climbing to greater and greater heights by this crucifixion. Each of us nine members will take part in excavating for this the first and greatest ornament to Mount Ecclesia. We will plant it in such a position that the arms point east and west, while the meridian sun projects it bodily towards the north. Thus it will be directly in the path of the spiritual currents that vitalize the forms of the four kingdoms of life: mineral, plant, animal, and man.

  Upon the arms and upper limb of this cross you notice three golden letters, "C. R. C.", the initials of our august Head, Christian Rosenkreuz, or Christian Rose Cross. The symbolism of this cross is partly explained here and there in our literature, but volumes would be required to give a full explanation. Let us look a little further into the meaning of this wonderful object lesson.

  When we lived in the dense water-laden atmosphere of early Atlantis, we were under entirely different laws than govern us today. When we shed the body we felt it not, for our consciousness was focused more in the spiritual world than in the denser conditions of matter. Our life was an unbroken existence; we felt neither birth nor death.

   With our emergence into the aerial conditions of Aryana, the world of today, our consciousness of the spirit world waned, and form became most prominent. Then a dual existence commenced, each phase sharply differentiated from the other by the events of birth and death. One of these phases is a free spirit life in celestial realms; the other an imprisonment in a terrestrial body, which is virtually death to the spirit, as symbolized in the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux, the heavenly twins.

  It has been elucidated in various places in our literature how the free spirit became enmeshed in matter through the machinations of the Lucifer spirits, which Christ referred to as false lights. That was in fiery Lemuria. Lucifer may therefore be called the Genius of Lemuria.

   The full effect of his misguidance did not become fully apparent until the Noachian Age, comprising the periods of later Atlantis and our present Aryana. The rainbow, which could not have existed under previous atmospheric conditions, stood painted upon the cloud as a mystic scroll when mankind entered the Noachian Age, where the law of alternating cycles brings ebb and flow, summer and winter, birth and death. During this age the spirit cannot permanently escape from the body of death generated by the satanic passion first inculcated by Lucifer. Its repeated attempts to escape to its celestial home are frustrated by the law of periodicity, for when it has freed itself from one body by death, it is brought to rebirth when the cycle has been run.

   Deceit and illusion cannot be allowed to endure forever, and so the Redeemer appeared to cleanse the passion-filled blood, to preach the truth which shall set us free from this body of death, to inaugurate the immaculate conception along lines most crudely indicated in the science of eugenics, to prophesy a new age, a new heaven, and a new earth, of which He, the true Light, will be the Genius, an age wherein will dwell the righteousness and love for which all the world is sighing and seeking.

   All of this and the way of attainment are symbolized in the rose cross before us. The rose, in which the sap of life is dormant in winter and active in summer, illustrates aptly the effect of the law of alternating cycles. The color of the flower, its generative organ, resembles our blood, yet the sap which courses within is pure, and the seed is generated in an immaculate, passionless manner.

   When we attain to the purity of life there symbolized, we shall have freed ourselves from the cross of matter, and the ethereal conditions of the millennium will be here.

   It is the aim of the Rosicrucian Fellowship to hasten that glad day when sorrow, pain, sin, and death shall have ceased, and We shall have been redeemed from the fascinating, enthralling illusions of matter and awakened to the supreme truth of the reality of Spirit. May God speed and prosper our efforts.

   Teachings of an Initiate, Max Heindel, p. 133.

from the San Diego Union Newspaper

  October 28, 1911, and again November 29, 1914

   The other day, a San Diego reporter was at Headquarters asking permission to take pictures and asking also for copy a story in the mid-winter number of the San Diego Union. Permission was given, and later, in conversation, he mentioned that he had been at the first ground breaking on Mount Ecclesia, October 28th, three years ago. He saw our little party going out to Mount Ecclesia, followed and saw us plant the cross and turn the ground and he said it looked foolish, like driving a stick in the desert. He was amazed at all that had been accomplished in the three years, all buildings we had built, the pumping plant that we had installed, and, by the way, it was just three years from the day of the ground breaking that we started the electric plant which will be our greatest help in promulgating the philosophy and in sending letters of health and healing all over the world through the dictaphone.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, November 1914, p. 2.

started between 1910 and 1911

   When the second edition of the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception had been put on the press, Mr. Heindel went to work on the questions and had answers written for each. This in a short time made a volume of 432 pages which was published in the fall of 1910, the title being The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers.

   When this book had been finished and sent to the press, Mr. Heindel set sail for the North, delivering another course of lectures in Seattle and in Portland Ore., later returning South. In the meantime letters had been coming in from students all over the world asking for a deeper and more explicit teaching on certain points of the Higher Life, and it was decided that in order to meet such a demand it would be necessary to start a Correspondence School. So the lecture field was abandoned--Mr. and Mrs. Heindel established permanent Headquarters in Oceanside and commenced there the Correspondence Course which is still being continued.

   A correspondence course was also started in Astrology, whereby students who live a great distances may obtain instruction in the method of casting and reading the horoscope. This is continued to date. There are also issued from Headquarters correspondence courses in the subjects of Astro-Diagnosis and Astro-Therapy.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, June 1914, p. 3-4.

JANUARY 10, 1913

   Rays from the Rose Cross, March 1919, p. 403.

started June 1913:

   Though the student body of the R.F. is scattered over the world, unfettered by oath or promise so far as their connection with the Rosicrucian Fellowship is concerned, the titanic power of ardent aspiration unites all in a common purpose: to build, 'without sound of hammer', the temple of the soul which is the true Ecclesia. Therefore they look to Mount Ecclesia as the physical focus of forces which aim to elevate all to the stature of Christ, the Friend of Man, and all are eager for news of activities at Headquarters, particularly in respect to the School of Philosophy and Healing now about to open. There is scarcely space in the letters and lessons to contain the teachings; hence this little sheet will be devoted to 'news'. Keep it! Years hence, when we have large newspapers and pretentious magazines, it will have value as a reminder of the 'early days.'

   Many think that all who engage in spiritual pursuits are parasites who do nothing but float in cloudland and meditate. If such people could hear the puff of the typewriters, with the added sound of carpenter's hammer, they would soon see that the earthly phase of 'Temple building' is incompatible with both sloth and silence. Mount Ecclesia is the last place in the world for a lazy dreamer. Everybody, from Mr. Heindel to the latest arrival, works hard from sun to sun. We labor physically, as well as mentally, and there is no escape from 'noise'; therefore we named our little news-sheet 'Echo'. One day it may become an important factor in the uplift of the world, for Mr. Heindel intends to publish a paper which shall give the news of the world, good and bad, with the moral lesson contained in each item, but without seeming to preach, and without the label of 'religion' so obnoxious to most people. It is thought that by clothing the spiritual viewpoint in a garb of 'common sense', we may waken the 'Echo of assent' in thousands of hearts. This plan, of course, requires both men, money and time to mature, but it will be realized.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, No. 1, June 1913.


   The inaugural address was inspiring, of course, but one point in particular struck a chord in the breast of the hearers which must find an echo in every student's heart whether absent or present. Mr. Heindel said that when he was dismissed from the Temple of the Rosicrucian Order in Germany, the Elder Brothers gave him this parting admonition and counsel: "Never try to attract money, not even to build the Ecclesia or Sanitarium. Buildings are dead, no matter how beautiful, so aim rather to interest men and women of noble souls, that this movement may be endowed with their life, for only thus can it become a living factor in the world's work. If you adhere to this policy, buildings of commensurate dignity will come in time, as required by the work; but, if ever you make these priceless teachings subservient to Mammon, the light will fade and the movement will fail."

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, June & July 1913, p. 1-2

   It is the purpose of the school to develop latent faculties of students, probationers and disciples who feel the inward urge impelling them to actively aid the ailing in spirit or body. Direct touch with the prime mover of the association will give such seekers impetus and inspiration not obtainable through correspondence. Mr. Heindel will have the assistance of competent teachers in the branches of study not under his personal care. Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, April 1914, p. 5.

   This School of Philosophy and Healing was opened to give students who are upon Mr. Heindel's correspondence list an opportunity to come to Headquarters and there obtain a more direct teaching. This phase of the work is now also entering upon its second year, for the school was started in the beginning of June, and we are now opening it again for another summer term. Thus the work of the Rosicrucian Fellowship is steadily increasing. The membership is steadily growing, and the teachings are finding their way to the remotest corners of the world.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, June 1914, p. 4.

  SANITARIUM started on Mount Ecclesia, August 6th, 1913, in one cottage

  New Building (present Guest House) opened December, 1938

   On the 6th of August, we started a nucleus of our Sanitarium. Mr. Heindel on that occasion said in part:

   "It seems so difficult to get away from the ideas of imposing buildings fitted with every modern convenience when we speak of a Sanitarium, such I have dreamed of, and sometimes the dream will become a reality; but in the meanwhile, mankind is suffering and we are doing nothing physically to take care of the sick.

   This never dawned upon my mind until the Elder Brother suggested that we erect some cottages and begin active work on a small scale,--that we follow the same method in this branch of our work in the world which has proved successful in building up the Rosicrucian Fellowship--namely, using what we have instead of waiting for what we think we need, or ought to have. And this is really the better way, for if we had an imposing looking building here today, with trained health adjusters, nurses and all the paraphernalia, they would have nothing to do but keep the building clear of the cobwebs and dust which would accumulate by disuse. In this way we shall start with few patients; when we have helped them they will go on their way rejoicing, telling the news to other sufferers who will come and give us the privilege of helping them for Christ's sake.

   That last remark is not a vague expression either, it is a true good and valid reason when we say that we want to help others for Christ's sake. He is now immured in the earth, groaning, travailing and waiting for liberation. Pain and sickness are caused by transgression of the law of life, therefore they crystallize the dense body, give it a firmer grip on the vital body and retard the day of our liberation, as well as His. By helping the sick to attain health and by teaching them to live in harmony with the law of life, so that they may maintain health, we are hastening the day of His Coming. May God bless our efforts and strengthen our hands in the Good Work."

   As it is contrary to Rosicrucian principle to charge for services, patients will only be required to pay for room and board, at the rate of $1.00 per day, or $29.00 per month. On account of the limited room, it will be necessary to apply for admission in advance.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia, August 1913, p. 3.

   Requests for rates of room and board on Mount Ecclesia are being received, and our room is limited. It seems that it will be necessary to build more cottages to accommodate the extra visitors. Mr. Heindel was desirous of erecting a sanitarium, with steam heat and all modern conveniences, so that we could accept the many patients who need the care of nurses, and just such food, air, and spiritual healing as can be found on Mount Ecclesia where with colored lights, steam, sun and air baths, combined with scientific massage, spinal adjustments, and osteopathic healing could be carried on.

   We have had wonderful success in healing and building up those who visited us; have sent them out with a better knowledge of caring for themselves, how to eat and live right so as to remain healthy, and best of all, we have been able to give them a spiritual uplift, greater love for God and an interest in the welfare of humanity.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, April 1919, p. 475.

   There has been a demand on the part of some of our patients for accommodations so they could come to Headquarters and get the benefit of spiritual help, the vegetarian diet, and assistance in overcoming their physical ailments, which assistance they felt could be found on Mount Ecclesia. Unfortunately we have had to deny this privilege in the past for lack of facilities to make them comfortable, but it has now been decided to turn the south half of the first floor of the new Fellowship Dormitory into a nucleus or beginning of the Health School. With the electric heat, hot water, private baths, and the delightful, sunny rooms we feel that we can take care of those who wish to come for this assistance.

  Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, March 1924, p. 492.

   The Sanitarium Project. At a recent meeting of the Board of Trustees of which Mrs. Max Heindel is the president, a committee was appointed to make preliminary investigations in regard to establishing a Health Home or sanitarium at Headquarters, which has been a project the Fellowship has had in mind ever since the days of Max Heindel, even from the time when Mount Ecclesia was first established. Max Heindel wrote a great deal on the subject in the Rays and the lessons which he sent out during the latter years of his life. It was one of his dearest projects to start such an institution when conditions permitted. Up to date other projects have seemed to take precedence, but the time now appears to be in sight when an institution of this sort could be started if conditions and finances are found to justify it.

   It is the function of the committee to investigate the matter thoroughly and make a report of the possibilities, also to determine what kind of an institution it would be advisable to start and what kind of therapies could advantageously be used in connection with our system of healing through the Invisible Helpers. The present idea is to conduct the institution along nature cure lines, and to operate it more as a rest home than as a regular sanitarium, thus avoiding the necessity of providing a large amount of expensive equipment and a large technical staff. Helpful suggestions from our friends and members on any phase of the question will be welcomed. The outcome of the project will depend upon the report of the committee and the subsequent action of the Trustees.

   Echoes from Mount Ecclesia in Rays from the Rose Cross, April 1929, p. 208.

   The Proposed Rosicrucian Sanitarium at Mount Ecclesia: We recently decided to make the announcement that a sanitarium will be erected on Mount Ecclesia provided the conditions and the support accorded it seem to justify the undertaking.

   The building of a sanitarium or health school was one of the projects which Max Heindel wrote and spoke about a great deal during his lifetime. It was his hope to erect also an institution some time after the Temple was built. He did not live, however, to realize either of these enterprises. Regarding this matter he wrote as follows in the Echoes of October 10, 1913 :

   "On August 6th we started a nucleus of our sanitarium. It seems so difficult to get away from the idea of imposing buildings fitted with every modern convenience when we speak of a sanitarium such as I have dreamed of. Some time the dream will become a reality, but in the meanwhile mankind is suffering, and we are doing nothing physically to take care of the sick. This never dawned upon my mind until the Elder Brother suggested that we erect some cottages and begin active work on a small scale--that we follow the same method in this branch of our work which has proved so successful in building up the Rosicrucian Fellowship, namely, using what we have instead of waiting for what we think we need or want to have."

   In Probationers' letters Nos. 21 and 27, Max Heindel stated as follows: "Association of Probationers in Centers of healing furnishes the material in which the Elder Brothers may kindle the Spiritual Fire required to heal physical, moral, and mental ailments... May God hasten the day when we shall be able to establish the School of Healing on Mount Ecclesia and commence the work in earnest."

   Following the above suggestion of the Elder Brother, Max Heindel erected three cottages which for a time were used as a sort of sanitarium or rest home for patients. Later these cottages were required for the use of the workers, and the sanitarium idea was temporarily abandoned. Now it seems possible that we may revive the proposition.

   Max Heindel wrote a great deal in regard to the spiritual Panacea which at one time he expected would be given during his lifetime, a Panacea that would heal practically all diseases. From his statements we feel there is a strong likelihood that there is a connection between the physical healing work which we do and the obtaining of the Panacea--that the sanitarium may be a link in the chain that will bring the Panacea later.

   We have had preliminary plans drawn by one of our members, Mr. Lester A. Cramer, an architect of Los Angeles. These show a central administrative portion devoted to offices, reception room, treatment rooms, kitchen, and dining room, with nurses" quarters above. This is flanked on either side by the patients' quarters, including private rooms and wards. The plans cover the first unit, and provide for a total of twenty-four patients. It is arranged so that other units may be added as conditions seem to require.

   It is designed to operate the sanitarium primarily along nature cure lines with special attention to physio-therapy, which includes hydro-therapy, light- therapy, electrotherapy, and massage. Manipulations, either osteopathic or chiropractic, will be included, and special emphasis will be given to scientific diet, exercise, sun baths, etc. All this works in well with and supplements our system of healing through the instrumentality of the Invisible Helpers. An institution run along these lines will require only a very small percentage of the outlay required for a sanitarium that includes surgery, medicine, and a vast variety of medical accessories, all of which are expensive to administer and require high priced physicians and attendants. It is estimated that to build the first unit and insure its operation for the first year while it is establishing itself, the sum of at least $50,000 will be required. It was decided that it would not be wise to start operations with less than half of this amount actually on hand.

   We are announcing the conditions attending this project in order that we may obtain opinions and suggestions from our members and students. If the response is sufficient and the enthusiasm shown appears to justify our going ahead, this we shall do, otherwise not. Any funds which are donated for this enterprise will be kept in a separate account and reserved strictly for this purpose. If it should develop (which we do not expect) that the support is not sufficient to justify us in going ahead, the donors will be given the opportunity of having their contributions returned or of deflecting them to some other department of the Fellowship. There will be no pressure whatever brought to bear in the matter, and therefore if a person wishes his donation to be returned, this will be cheerfully done.

   We have thus stated the proposition as briefly and concisely as we can, and shall await with great interest the opinions and suggestions of our students and friends regarding it.

   Yours in service,


  Rays from the Rose Cross, May 1929, p. 210-211.


   Since we recently made the announcement of a tentative plan for the construction and operation of a sanitarium or health home at Mount Ecclesia, the sentiment expressed by the members of the Fellowship has been overwhelmingly in favor of this important project. In this issue we will therefore give some additional data and information regarding it in order that our students and members may get a more comprehensive idea of the proposition. Above is a cut showing the floor plan of the sanitarium as far as it has been evolved up to date. It will be noted that the central portion of the building contains four treatment rooms, a reception room and office, and a dining room and kitchen. The two wings contain eight private rooms and four wards, each ward with a capacity of four beds. The wards are surrounded on three sides by a terrace which will be utilized as an open air porch and promenade by patients who are able to be up. The second story of the central portion will contain the nurses' quarters, also a solarium arranged for the taking of sun baths.

   As stated in the May issue, the present plan is to operate the sanitarium along nature cure lines, specializing in physio-therapy which includes hydro-therapy, light-therapy, electro-therapy, and massage, also manipulation such as the osteopathic, together with scientific diet, sun baths, exercise, etc. These nature-cure methods supplement the work which is done by the Invisible Helpers. We know that many of our members when lacking in health would be glad to avail themselves of the facilities of such an institution where they could have natural methods of healing applied and at the same time be in close proximity to the Healing Temple on Mount Ecclesia where the healing vibrations generated in our Centers and by our students all over the world are gathered and concentrated.

   Regarding earlier activities along this line Max Heindel stated as follows in the "Echoes" of February and of August, 1913: "We have opened a school of healing which takes into account much that science has ascertained .... We are also prepared to receive patients, whether members or not--those whose ailments do not prevent them from attending to their own needs .... We shall start with a few patients. When we have helped them they will go on their way rejoicing, telling the news to other sufferers who will come and give us the privilege of helping them for Christ's sake .... By helping the sick to obtain health and by teaching them to live in harmony with the laws of life so that they may maintain health, we are, hastening the day of His coming. May God bless our efforts and strengthen our hands in the good work."

   Max Heindel did not live to realize his dream of a sanitarium as an accessory to the Temple of Healing, but he did what he could with the facilities at his command.

   One of our students has written us that apparently we are not following Max Heindel's idea of starting in a small way instead of waiting for imposing buildings and complete equipment. As a matter of fact, however, for several years we have maintained rooms which were available for patients who were able to be up and who did not require personal attention. But now we want to get more actively into the elevation of suffering on the physical plane, and therefore more equipment is required. In any sanitarium the administrative and treatment portion of the building, consisting of offices, treatment rooms with equipment, reception room, nurses quarters, dining room, kitchen, etc., are much the same for a few patients as for a larger number. With accommodations for only a small number of patients the overhead costs are so high per capita that the institution is unable to pay expenses. Therefore, from a practical standpoint it is necessary to provide enough patients rooms and wards so as to reduce the fixed overhead to a reasonable figure. Only in this way can the cost of treatment and the charge to patients be kept down to reasonable proportions. The plans as designed provide for twenty-four patients, which are as few as it would seem feasible to start with.

   We have had a large number of interesting letters and many suggestions from our friends and students.

   Another friend writes as follows: "If you would think it proper or care to make the announcement without mentioning my name, I will say I will be one of 250 persons to give $100 each toward the sanitarium fund within the next six months. In other words, if 249 other persons agree to give $100, I will give the same amount. I know years ago at church they raised money very quickly by this method. Those of us who thus give might also in some cases duplicate the amount later. Concerted action would give quick returns."

   Up to date $2575 have been contributed and $2217 pledged, making a total of nearly $5000. Considering that there has been only a single announcement of this project we consider the response to be excellent and that it shows that great interest is being taken in it. As stated in the May issue, $50,000 will be required to build and equip the sanitarium and insure its operation during the first year. As soon as we obtain half of this amount we shall feel justified in proceeding with the work. We know the hearts of our students are with us in this humanitarian undertaking, and we feel certain they will regard it as an opportunity for real service.

   Yours for a Rosicrucian Sanitarium,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, July 1929, p. 322.


   Above is a cut showing the architect's drawing for front elevation of the new sanitarium at Mount Ecclesia. The floor plan was printed in the July issue of the Rays. from the Rose Cross. The elevation shows a style of architecture which is quite typical of California. A semi-bungalow style with white walls, tile roof, and open promenade. The building will be substantially constructed but will avoid expensive features which do not add to its efficiency.

   Regarding the Rosicrucian system of healing, Max Heindel wrote as follows in Probationer's letter No. 17, June 20, 1912: "As associates of the Rosicrucian Fellowship we believe in universal brotherhood; we realize that cooperation makes for efficiency, and a circle of healers, no matter to what school they belong, if each represents a different zodiacal element, would bring a composite power of healing unattainable by an individual .... There are four elements, fire, air, earth, and water. A quartet of healers, each well attuned to one element, would be sufficient to establish a Center of Healing; but a larger number would allow of finer gradations and insure better results."

   It will be our aim to have this institution conducted along the lines which Max Heindel laid down. Those who take part in healing, whether doctors, nurses, or attendants for the giving of special treatments, will be carefully selected, keeping in mind as far as possible the four basic elements mentioned in the quotation from Max Heindel so that all of these will be represented. Thus may we expect to have much better results than in cases where knowledge of this sort is not taken advantage of. As stated in earlier editions of the Rays from the Rose Cross, this institution will be operated along nature-cure lines primarily, and be used to supplement the Rosicrucian Fellowship system of healing, which consists of the ministrations of the Invisible Helpers working on the invisible planes, principally during the sleep of the patient. There are many things which can be done on the physical plane much more efficiently and quickly than from the invisible plane; therefore the need of a sanitarium along the lines which we have in mind. Physio-therapy, scientific diet, sun-bathing, and manipulation are all potent factors in assisting the Invisible Helpers to bring about a cure of disease.

   Since the July issue we have received a large number of enthusiastic letters from our friends and students, giving us their ideas in regard to this institution and congratulating us on the fact that we have made a start toward it. Perhaps we can best show the sentiment among the rank and file of our members by quoting a few extracts from their letters as follows:

   "I was indeed glad to get the announcement of plans for the sanitarium or health school. During my brief experience at Mount Ecclesia many opportunities for such an activity were evident. It is my opinion that from nearly the opening, with the aid of publicity through the Rays of the Rose Cross, this activity could be on a paying or self-supporting basis. It could easily be used for building up and financing other activities of the fellowship work. I wish my income were sufficiently large to permit me to spend my time with you in helping to build this magnificent work."--Dr. B. S. McM.

   "The Sanitarium project at Headquarters is a thought that I have enthusiastically entertained for years, and it hardly seems possible that anything should prevent its materializing."--D. W.

   "In response to your appeal for opinions and suggestions in regard to the Rosicrucian sanitarium permit me to say that I am quite enthusiastic about the plan in general. The initial plan should provide for at least forty-eight patients. The original outlay of money will not be very much higher and the running expenses for forty-eight patients will be only a fraction higher than for twenty-four. ...There are to my knowledge only a very few institutions which have sufficient facilities for scientific sun-bathing. Some institutions in Switzerland specializing in sun baths show the most marvelous results. May I suggest that this feature be emphasized... May I suggest that you send pledge cards to members and students, emphasizing pledges rather than donations ? There should be near to five hundred members willing to pledge $100 each, such pledges calling for monthly or quarterly gifts to be redeemed in the course of two years."--J. P. H.

   "I have been at prayer about the proposed sanitarium and the answer I got was, 'Prepare.' I feel confident that such an answer is not the mere opinion of my subconscious mind but a voice from the deeper side of my nature. I am going to send a sum of money later on to help prepare for that object when my accounts are a bit settled."--W. A. J.

   "I am much in sympathy with the sanitarium project. This morning I was inwardly bemoaning the fact that I had no fortune nor mite to contribute when lo! the enclosed appeared out of a clear sky, and I hasten to send it on in hopes that more will be forthcoming. In such a peaceful location as Mount Ecclesia surrounded by health-giving vibrations, suffering humans can most quickly be helped toward more abundant health. My own appreciation of the Fellowship work is so great that I feel as though it were not possible that this plan will lack adequate support."--S. E.

   "Was so pleased to read in a recent issue of the Rays of plans in the near future of the Rosicrucian Health School being realized. Nothing could please me better. Certainly if I had been wealthy it would have been started long ago."--E. K.

   "I do hope this work of love will soon materialize. I am sure many afflicted ones would be glad to come to a place of love and harmony amidst the Temple healing vibrations where thoughts of love are generated to do the command of the Christ, Heal the sick."--C. N. E.

   In response to suggestions and requests we have printed a supply of pledge cards for the use of those of our students who want them. They will be sent to individuals upon request, and to our Centers in any desired number. Up to date $3940 have been contributed toward this project, and $4070 pledged, making a total of $8010. This is a good start, but we are still a long way from the goal. We are confident, however, that when our members and students fully realize the importance of this undertaking, the response will be sufficient to enable us to proceed with the actual construction in the comparatively near future. Monthly reports will appear in the Rays from the Rose Cross from now on, showing the progress that has been made to date in all the details of this project.

   Yours in the Alleviation of Suffering,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, August 1929, p. 374-375.

   The front elevation of the new sanitarium at Mount Ecclesia was printed in the last issue of this magazine. It will be noted from the above plan that provision is made for hydro-therapy and electro-therapy, and treatment rooms are provided for various kinds of manipulation, massage, color treatment, and the like. As long as we are living in physical bodies, physical means of attending to our needs should be given first place as far as they apply. The following was a favorite query of Max Heindel's: "Why spend thirty minutes in the mental treatment of some ailment which could be relieved in ten minutes with a hot water bottle?"

   The office, reception room, as well as kitchen and dining room will be contained within the central portion of the building. The private rooms and wards are located in the wings flanking the central portion to right and left. The entire plan was printed in the July issue.

   We have had a great number of expressions of appreciation of our proposal to erect and conduct a sanitarium along the lines which we have mentioned. The enthusiasm which the proposition is eliciting shows that there is a strong popular demand for such an institution as we propose to build. We will again, as last month, quote from a few of the letters received, giving the sentiments of the various writers in connection with this enterprise:

   "Mrs. H. and I have read the circular referring to the sanitarium. We are both in perfect accord with the project, and it will give us pleasure in helping to the best of our ability. It will be a splendid and necessary addition to the institution now doing such good work for spiritual enlightenment, adding physical uplift to as many as care to avail themselves of it."--G. H. H.

   "It was with great interest that I read your recent letter regarding the erection of a sanitarium on Mount Ecclesia. The carrying out of the proposed plan will meet a long felt want, and if we as members and students of the Fellowship are truly in the work with heart and soul, there is no reason why the erection of the sanitarium cannot be made a concrete reality." J. G.

   "We do hope you will receive such support as will justify the fondest hopes that Max Heindel conceived toward this work while he lived. Your undertaking is one that is most worthy indeed, and our thoughts will go out toward you for a most successful consummation of the project which you have so fervently wished."--D. C. B. and E. I. J. S.

   "About the sanitarium: Don't give it up no matter how slowly the funds come in. The longer and harder it is to build, the more worthwhile it will be. I like the idea of having a large number give a small amount each because of their personal interest. An institution built of that stuff will endure and be worthwhile. It cannot fail if it is soundly sponsored."--C. D. M.

   The question has been asked us, "Why do you propose to go into the sanitarium business when the country is full of institutions with far more money than you have and equipped far more completely than you can hope to equip yours ? Why compete with these other institutions ? Why not confine yourselves to the philosophical aspect of your work and the healing activities of the Invisible Helpers ?"

   There are several reasons in reply to the above query. First, there is the effect which we feel quite assured the sanitarium work at Mount Ecclesia will have upon the ultimate obtaining of the spiritual Panacea about which Max Heindel wrote and spoke so much. This was to be a Panacea given to humanity by the Masters of Evolution through the instrumentality of the Fellowship. It was to be a spiritually prepared essence which would be capable of curing any disease almost instantaneously except those extreme cases where ripe destiny does not permit a cure of any kind. We know that it is a spiritual principle that we must first do work upon the physical plane before we are eligible or competent to do work along spiritual lines. Forms must be built before they can be spiritualized. Max Heindel left evidence which we believe points quite conclusively to the fact that we must do physical healing on the physical plane by physical methods before we shall be eligible to receive the spiritual Panacea and administer it for spiritual healing. Therefore, we feel that we should be failing if we neglected to make a start in this direction.

   Then, we believe that with the philosophical knowledge which we have at our command we can accomplish more in healing than purely materialistic institutions can because, as pointed out last month, we shall be better able to cooperate with the occult laws of healing. Moreover, a healing institution at Mount Ecclesia near the heart of the Rosicrucian work would have the benefit of the higher vibrations which undoubtedly obtain here, to say nothing of the psychological effect on the patients who come here through feeling that they will be in closer contact with the healing activities. So far $5504 have been contributed toward this building and $5309 have been pledged, making a total of $10,813. As stated in earlier issues, our estimates indicate that to build the sanitarium, equip it, and insure its operation during the first year while it is getting established $50,000 will be required. However, we shall feel justified in starting the work as soon as half of this amount is at hand. We are confident that the needed support will be forthcoming as soon as the full realization is made by our friends and students of the importance of the work. We have had pledge cards printed which may be signed by those who wish to pledge any amount for either present or future payment. These cards will be sent to anyone who wishes them and will also be sent to the various Centers of the Fellowship as requested.

   This project is a great humanitarian undertaking for which we believe there is a definite need. Reports as to progress will be made in this magazine each month, acquainting our friends and readers with the exact status of the undertaking.

   Yours for the Helping of the Sick,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, September 1929, p. 430-431.

   THE SUN ROOM and nurses' quarters of the Rosicrucian Sanatorium to be constructed at Mount Ecclesia are shown in the above cut. The first floor plan and front elevation were printed in earlier issues of this magazine. The building as designed is of attractive architecture, the central administrative and treatment portion Consisting of two stories with the wards and private rooms located in the one-story wines.

   Since the announcement of the sanatorium project we have had a great many inquiries as to what we propose to do, also many suggestions and a few criticisms in this issue we will particularly examine certain objections that have been offered. The one which we have encountered most often is that an institution of this sort would not pay for itself, would not make running expenses, and would have to be subsidized in order to keep it operating; that if some form of subsidy were not provided, it would be a drain upon the finances of the Fellowship and thereby curtail the regular philosophical work. This objection has been carefully investigated. Our findings are as follows:

   First, California has a large number of nature-cure sanatoriums operated along lines somewhat parallel to those we propose to follow, which have been in successful operation for years. From the standpoint of building and operating, a sanatorium of the type which we expect to build is relatively inexpensive. The building required is simple in construction, and the equipment costs only a small fraction of what medical and surgical equipment costs. The attendants and nurses who give the various kinds of physio-therapy treatments do not have to have the many years of exhaustive medical and surgical training which is so exceedingly expensive. A nature-cure sanatorium is comparatively inexpensive in all its appointments. Therefore we have every reason to believe that if our sanatorium is wisely organized and conducted it should be a financial success almost from the beginning. We have a large membership of several thousand students all over the United States to draw from, some of whom from time to time will require the services of such an institution, and being members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship they will naturally prefer to put themselves in the care of a sanatorium sponsored and operated by the Fellowship. In view of all these considerations we are confident that the institution will not be a drain upon the finances of the Fellowship, and it will probably add to them.

   The laws of the state of California permit the operation of sanatoriums conducted along nature cure lines. There are certain regulations in effect, but these are not difficult to comply with. For the purpose of diagnosing and prescribing it is necessary to have a licensed doctor, who may be either an M.D., an osteopath, or a chiropractor. We of course shall have a resident physician to direct the operation of the sanatorium and make the diagnoses.

   As stated in earlier issues, physio-therapy is to be the principal form of treatment used. Physio-therapy is becoming very popular even in the orthodox medical institutions. Most modern hospitals now include a physio- therapy department, as it has been found that nature cure methods of healing are more effective than drugs. The following features, among others, will be included: Hydro-therapy, or various kinds of treatment with water, hot and cold, applied through jets, sprays, baths, etc.; also the use of the steam room; electro-therapy, or the application of electricity in various ways; light-therapy, or subjecting the body to the ultra-violet and other medicinal rays; various forms of manipulation such as osteopathy and massage. The sun is the source of all life, and it is only common sense to expect that sun baths must necessarily be an important means of preserving and regaining health. Deep breathing exercises properly directed are also among the greatest of natural means of recovering health. And last but not least, a scientific diet balanced from a chemical standpoint and so designed as to avoid chemical disharmony in the digestive system, is absolutely necessary for regaining and retaining health. All these features will be included in the new sanatorium. These methods work with and supplement well the Rosicrucian system of healing, which basically consists of the ministrations of the Invisible Helpers working upon the etheric body of the patient, principally during his sleep.

   Up to date $6,828 has been sent us for the erection of this building, and $6,186 has been pledged, making a total of $13,014. We are making slow but steady progress toward our goal. This is quite as it should be. In order for this institution to be a great success we must have the mental, moral, and spiritual force of thousands of people behind it. Just money will not make it successful if it doesn't have sufficient thought power energizing it, the latter being absolutely essential for the success of any undertaking. Therefore the fact that we are gradually getting a large number of men and women as contributors, even though the majority of them give but a small amount, is the most hopeful aspect of the situation, because it shows that these people are behind the institution with their ideals, their moral support, and their thought force, all of which is pushing it slowly and gradually forward to a successful issue.

   In view of the above we are confident that in the end all means necessary for the erection and maintenance of this institution will be forthcoming. Pledge cards may be had by those who wish them for the purpose of indicating such amounts as they may wish to contribute for either present or future payment. The progress of this undertaking will be chronicled in this magazine from month to month, letting our members and students know exactly how the matter is proceeding.

   Yours in the Cause of Health,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, October 1929, p. 486.


   Max Heindel sometimes referred to this institution as a Health School and sometimes as a Sanitarium. The type of institution which he had in mind was in reality a Sanatorium; that is, a hospital devoted to the treatment of disease by natural methods. It was his idea that this institution should be educational to a certain extent, hence the name "School." He intended to include in it, either directly or indirectly, instruction in the laws of right living so that the patient would not only go out cured but he would know how to remain so.

   Above we have printed a cut of the end elevation of the proposed building drawn according to the plans prepared by Mr. Lester A. Cramer, a Los Angeles architect. The floor plan, printed in an earlier issue, showed a central two- story building for administrative and treatment purposes, with the patients' quarters in two long wings flanking the central portion on either side.

by Max Heindel and the Elder Brothers

   Some inquiries have come to us from our members and students as to whether this proposed institution has the authorization of Max Heindel, and whether the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order regard it as a desirable development. We can best answer these inquiries by quoting from Max Heindel's own writings. In his Letter to Students, No. 24, issued November 1, 1912, he says: "The proposed School of Healing, the Sanitarium, and, most important of all, the Ecclesia--where the Panacea is to be prepared and powerful healing services are to spread moral and physical health all over the world--all these are but germinal ideas as yet. As the cry of suffering humanity reaches us through many thousands of letters, our longing for the realization of THE BROTHERS' PLANS becomes more intense, so keen in fact that it seems to embody the concentrated yearning of all who have appealed to us in sorrow and suffering." This is clear enough. It is quite evident that the Elder Brothers felt that this project was important because Mr. Heindel specifically states that it was part of their plan.

   In his letter to students, No. 6, issued June 1, 1911, Mr. Heindel says: "A building fund has already been started to erect suitable buildings: a School of Healing, a Sanitarium, and last but not least a place of worship--an Ecclesia, where the Spiritual Panacea may be prepared and sent all over the world to be used by properly qualified helpers." This is a further indication of Max Heindel's intention to construct a Sanatorium. So much work developed, however, in connection with the putting up of the administrative buildings, the printing of the books, and the writing of the monthly lessons and letters that his strength was fully taxed and all his resources were used up. Therefore he did not realize his ideal of a Sanatorium during his lifetime. It is our hope, however, now to make it a concrete reality, and we are certain his gratification will be no less than it would have been had this taken place while he was still here.

   Southern California is particularly adapted for health resorts on account of the mild, uniform climate which obtains here the year round. It is interesting to note an extract from an advertisement in the Rays of May, 1915, of an embryonic Sanatorium which Mr. Heindel conducted for some time during the early period of Mount Ecclesia. We quote from it as follows:

   A Health Resort. "According to the United States Government experts, Mount Ecclesia is in the center of an air belt which is the purest in all of the U. S. It is therefore a natural health resort, and this coupled with the fact that a scientific vegetarian diet is here supplied makes it an ideal place of residence for both the well and the ill. We are prepared to take patients whose ailments do not prevent them from attending to their own needs."

   The patients referred to were given accommodations in three little two- room cottages, which have since been taken for the use of the regular workers. This was Mount Ecclesia's first Sanatorium, and the nucleus from which it was hoped a much larger institution would grow. It was suggested to Mr. Heindel by the Teacher, as recorded in the Echoes of October, 1913.

   As stated in earlier issues, it is designed that the institution now proposed shall be operated along nature-cure lines primarily. It will undoubtedly be modeled to a considerable extent after the internationally celebrated Battle Creek Sanitarium.

   We recently received quite a remarkable letter from one of our students, which had a unique bearing on the Sanatorium project. We quote as follows: "Some fourteen years ago while meditating on life and its problems I tried to realize just what I would do with unlimited means. In my 'dream' I made a wonderful place for others, a place where weary mothers, the aged, and all who were tired and lonely might come to rest. First among the various buildings was a $50,000 hospital where a great doctor and kind nurses cared for the sick. In a remarkable way my 'dream' compares favorably with what the Fellowship is proposing. Although I had not then heard of the Rosicrucians, yet I believed that such a people were in the world, and now after fourteen years I have the great privilege of helping to make my dream hospital a reality."-- M. D. McH.

   Up to the present time we have received $7596 in cash to be used for the erection of this building, while $7090 has been pledged for future payment as it is required, making a total of $14,686. "Slow but steady" seems to be the motto in connection with raising the funds required for this undertaking. We are convinced, however, of the need of this institution and that the forces directing its destiny will in due time make possible the erection and equipment of the building. As previously stated, we must have the mental, moral, and spiritual force of thousands of people behind this project to make it successful, and every one counts. Pledge cards will be sent to those who wish them for the purpose of pledging such amounts as they may wish to contribute for either present or future payment. We hope before long to make a definite announcement that the support received justifies us in starting the erection of the building. Further announcements each month will chronicle the progress of the undertaking.

   Yours for a Health School,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, November 1929, p. 542-543.

   The proposed Sanatorium at Mount Ecclesia will occupy a plot in the western part of our grounds with a view of the Pacific about a mile to the west. Mount Ecclesia Drive shown in the cut, is the existing serpentine drive which runs from the entrance of the grounds to the Temple. The architect has indicated in the cut one of the possible methods of providing for future extension to the Sanatorium.

   The Teacher's Suggestion to Max Heindel. When the Teacher came to Max Heindel in 1913 and suggested that he build a cottage sanitarium so as to begin active physical healing work at once, there was embodied in that suggestion one of the most cardinal principles of the Rosicrucian Philosophy, namely, that before one can become an Invisible Helper, he must be a visible helper. The Invisible Helper is one who has made himself eligible for healing work from the invisible plane by a life of visible service, which has produced a certain degree of cleavage between the two higher ethers and the two lower. The two higher ethers then constitute the vehicle in which he performs healing work while out of the body at night in sleep under the direction of one of the Elder Brothers of the Order.

   Why the Sanatorium Must Come. Now here is where the principle above referred to comes in. Just as it is impossible for one to be an Invisible Helper without having done visible works of benevolence and helpfulness, so, it is logical to suppose, the Rosicrucian Fellowship cannot hope to obtain the wonderful Spiritual Panacea which Max Heindel wrote about so much until it has done the necessary healing on the physical plane to earn the right to be entrusted with it. This is the way we interpret the Elder Brother's suggestion to Max Heindel that he build the cottage sanitarium. Certainly it could scarcely have been worth while for the sake of the small amount of physical healing that could be done in such a place. The principal object could only have been the fitting of Mount Ecclesia and the workers at Headquarters to be custodians of the Spiritual Panacea. In other words, the Fellowship must become a VISIBLE healing agency before it can realize its destiny of being an INVISIBLE healing agency by means of the Panacea. The fact remains that the Panacea so far has not been given us, which is proof that we haven't qualified for it. We believe that the physical healing done in the Sanatorium will be a big factor in that qualification.

   This is the principal reason why we stress the necessity of building a Rosicrucian Sanatorium at Mount Ecclesia and starting in to do physical healing. There are many sanitariums throughout the country better equipped to do physical healing than our institution will be, but that isn't the point The point is that we must prepare for the greater Healing Work which the Panacea will make possible We don't know how long this will take. It may be a year, ten years, or a hundred years, but we feel that it has to be done. Therefore we continue to put the Sanatorium proposition before our members and students so that each may take such action in connection with it as appeals to him.

   Tremendous Possibilities of the Spiritual Panacea. If we should some time be entrusted with the Spiritual Panacea, it would almost overnight acquaint the whole world with the fact of the existence of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. Max Heindel states clearly and definitely in his writings that the Panacea will practically cure any and all diseases, with the possible exception of extreme cases where ripe destiny does not permit. In this connection he writes:

   "Some of these packages (containing the Panacea) were used by the Brothers with instantaneous success. Before them the crystallizing particles enveloping the spiritual centers of the patient scattered like magic, and the sufferer awoke to a recognition of physical health and well-being."

   Bringing the Sick to Mount Ecclesia. If the Panacea should be given, the Rosicrucian Philosophy in a year's time would receive more publicity than it would in a hundred years without it. The trains and the steamers from all over the world would scarcely be able to bring the sick people to us fast enough. Nothing else possible to conceive of would give such an impetus to the dissemination of the Rosicrucian Philosophy. And since we believe the Rosicrucian Philosophy to be a philosophy of life--a philosophy which will give life to those who live it--we feel that nothing should be left undone to promote its dissemination to the greatest possible degree. Therefore we feel that the proposed Sanatorium must be given an opportunity to demonstrate its efficiency in preparing us for the Greater Healing Work.

   The leaven is working. We are only instruments in the hands of the Powers behind the scenes, doing the thing nearest at hand and knowing that the outcome of this project will be exactly what it should be.

   Yours in the Cause of Health,


  Erratum: We wish to correct an error. In the May, 1929, issue, page 210, the following quotation occurred: "...The Elder Brother suggested that we (Max Heindel) erect some cottages and begin active (physical healing) work on a small scale." In the November issue, page 543, we referred again to the same quotation. In both cases we stated that this quotation was taken from the Echoes of October, 1913, whereas we should have said that it was taken from the Echoes of August, 1913. Three cottages were built, one of which was dedicated as a sanitarium.

   Rays from the Rose Cross, December 1929, p. 598-599.


   At last we have actually made the cornerstone of the New Health School, or Sanatorium, at Mount Ecclesia. Above is a cut showing its construction. It contains a compartment where various records, papers, and documents will be deposited for the benefit of future generations. It was constructed of concrete, heavily reinforced with steel mesh. All those present at the ceremony took part by placing each a shovelful of concrete in the forms. The stone has been stored away and later it will be placed in the actual foundation of the building. The making of the cornerstone, however, does not signify that we have started actual construction. The latter will begin when the finances justify it. This we hope will be very soon, but we cannot make a definite statement about it at the present time.

Teaching the Rosicrucian Principles of Health.

   The final name for this institution has not yet been selected, but it is likely that it will be called the Rosicrucian Health School, because Max Heindel frequently referred to it by that name. As the term implies, one of the big functions of the institution will be to teach Rosicrucian methods of maintaining health in accordance with the underlying principles of the sevenfold constitution of man. It doesn't do a great deal of good to heal a person if he continues to ignorantly violate the laws of health. But if simultaneously with his healing he is taught the philosophical principles of health so that when he leaves the institution he can conduct himself properly, then the maximum of good will have been realized. It is designed that the Rosicrucian Health School shall accomplish both of these objects--the latter by lectures and classes for convalescent patients.

   Statement by Max Heindel. In his Letters to Students, No. 21, issued August 1st, 1912, Max Heindel said:

   "During certain protracted illnesses the ego becomes so intent upon the suffering that it ceases to fully vivify the cells; thus bodily ailment breeds mental inaction, and it may become impossible to throw off disease without a special impulse to dispel the mental fog and start the cell activities anew. That is what the Spiritual Panacea does. As the inrushing Christ life on Golgotha commenced to dispel the shell of fear bred by inexorable law that hung like a pall about the earth, as it started the millions of human beings upon the path of peace and good will, so also when the Panacea is applied does the concentrated Christ life therein contained rush through the patient's body, and infuse each cell with a rhythm that awakens the imprisoned ego from its lethargy and gives back life and health. May God grant that we shall soon be able to bring this great boon to suffering humanity."

   As stated in the December issue, many believe that we must qualify for the Panacea by doing physical healing work with physical agencies on the physical plane. We know that we cannot be Invisible Helpers engaged in healing work on the invisible planes at night unless we have qualified for that service by being visible helpers during the day. It is logical to suppose that the Fellowship must become a VISIBLE healing agency before it can become an INVISIBLE healing agency through the instrumentality of the Panacea, and that we must start the Health School for this reason if for no other.

  The Health School Self-Supporting. Doubts that the Health School will pay expenses have been expressed by some, who think that it might become a drain upon the resources of the Fellowship. Our investigations, however, convince us that this is not so. California has quite a large number of nature cure sanatoriums operated along lines some what similar to those that we shall follow, and they have every evidence of being prosperous. It will be necessary, of course, to have for the superintendent of pure Health School a person well qualified not only by technical training but also possessing executive ability, discrimination, judgment and broadmindedness. With such a superintendent in charge there is no reason at all why the Health School should not be successful in a material way. There will be some of our members undoubtedly who will be glad to endow beds and rooms for the care of patients who have no funds, and this will provide for that type of patient. A fear- dispelling faith in our spiritual source of supply will banish the bogey of the Health School's becoming a financial handicap to the Fellowship.

  We want to stress the fact that our foreign students should be as much interested in this project as our American members are. The Rosicrucian Fellowship is an international organization, and all its activities are international in scope. The same is true of the Health School. Max Heindel made similar statements in regard to the Healing Temple, or Ecclesia, and it is as true in one case in the other. Our entire healing work will be vivified and given a new impetus by the consummation of the Health School project, and this will react to the benefit of our foreign patients as well as those near home.

  We rejoice that this important undertaking seems to be coming within light of a material realization. We are happy to so announce it to our friends and students all over the world.

  Yours in the Promotion of Universal Health,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, January 1930, p. 2-3.


   December 11th, 1929, was a wonderful day for Mount Ecclesia. As announced last month, that was the day when the cornerstone for the new Health School was made. When the last issue went to press, however, we did not have the details of the ceremony of the making of the cornerstone, and will therefore give them at this time.

   The Ninety and Nine : The attendance was large, there being ninety-nine present. Ninety-two persons placed a shovelful each of concrete in the forms in which the cornerstone was molded, and one additional shovelful was placed for Miss Annella Smith, one of our field lecturers, by her sister. This made a total of ninety-three shovelfuls of concrete. These two digits added together make twelve, which corresponds to the number of the signs in the zodiac. If we consider only the ninety-two persons actually present who placed concrete, the sum of the digits of this number is eleven, which is a master number according to the science of numerology. Therefore it would appear that the symbology of the occasion was auspicious.

   At the head of this page we have printed a cut made from a photograph taken just after the cornerstone had been made. Another photograph was taken of the entire assemblage of ninety-nine people, but unfortunately the negative turned out badly, and a cut could not be made from it. The above cut shows the box containing the cornerstone just after the concrete had been placed. In the top of the stone there is a compartment 7"x8"x12" for the reception of future documents to be placed there when the cornerstone is laid in the actual foundation of the building. The ceremony opened with a concentration on harmony and love. The principal address was given by Mr. Prentiss Tucker, author of four book, In the Land of the Living Dead, now a resident worker at Headquarters. Mr. Tucker spoke as follows:

   Prentiss Tucker's Address : "Friends, this is one of the turning points in the life of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. This is one of those times when we take a step forward. In the book of Exodus, 14th chapter, beginning with the 10th verse, we find these words: And when Pharaoh drew nigh, the children of Israel lifted up their eyes, and behold, the Egyptians marched after them; and they were sore afraid. ...And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The Lord shall fight for you. ....And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward."

   "We have now come in the history of the Rosicrucian Fellowship to a time when there is a possibility of realizing a great hope of Max Heindel and the Elder Brother to have a building in which that other branch of healing can be carried on, the healing of the body--for the healing of the soul of spiritual sickness has already been done to some extent. There has been promised to us a wonderful thing to help those in the world who are sick and suffering, and that is the Panacea, but that Panacea we cannot have until we have qualified ourselves for it. How can we qualify ourselves ? By standing still and talking and discussing? Let us remember that in the symbology of the Old Testament the Egyptians are the fears, the worries, the qualities of the lower nature which hold in bondage the Israelites, the developed qualities of the spirit, of the mind. The Egyptians held the Israelites in bondage in Egypt. So have we been held in bondage by the Egyptians--by fear of lack of money, by fear of that thing and the other thing. We could not see how we were going to do it. We hadn't the money to build the Health School. Then why should we begin it? Remember what the Lord said unto Moses; 'Speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward.' Their salvation did not depend upon themselves when they saw the Egyptians were stronger than they. So for us, the forces of the lower world would hold us back except that behind us there is the Elder Brother and the power of the Savior who is in heaven.

   It was necessary that the Israelites do something. They would never be delivered if they stood still. It is necessary for us that we do something. We shall never be given the Panacea or spiritual healing if we stand still and allow fear to overcome us. We must do something. What we do may be very small. We may put up a very small building. That makes no difference. If it is the best we can do, then it makes no difference. Behind it there is the great cosmic law, and it is the same law as the ancient Israelites were under. We may not see one step ahead, we may not see where all the money is coming from, we may not see where the first patient is coming from, nevertheless it is for us to go forward, and if we go forward with faith in our hearts that the Elder Brother is behind us, then, friends, there is nothing that can stop us.

   If we have a firm determination to do the best that we can for humanity, there will be a blessing upon this cornerstone, for truly on the invisible planes there are those with us today whose blessing means much to us. And the troubles we have had and which have held us back we shall see them again no more forever, for we are about to take a forward step. I pray that the blessing of God Almighty may rest upon it, and that the healing which shall be done in this building, whose cornerstone we are about to make, shall bring blessing and benefit and comfort and relief from pain to many thousands in the future of whom we now know nothing."

   Talks by other Members. : Following Mr. Tucker's speech, short talks were given by a number of our members, some being residents of Mount Ecclesia and others visitors. Among the latter was Mrs. Arlene D. Cramer of Los Angeles, who said that the work of building the new Health School is a co-operative endeavor which will bring us together in the spirit of the Aquarian Age, and she emphasized the fact that the Health School is a distinctly Aquarian movement. Daniel Hirsch, M. D., resident physician of the New Lutheran hospital of Los Angeles spoke of the great need of humanity for healing, and said that this work at Headquarters, where the healing forces are centralized, is but a nucleus for the great work which must spread all over the world. The exercises were concluded by the parting admonition, which is customary at all exercises at Mount Ecclesia. Following this the architect who made the plans, Mr. Lester A. Cramer, accompanied by a group of members, proceeded to the proposed site of the Health School, where he explained the possibilities of the location.

   The Cornerstone a Symbol of Unity : This cornerstone, composed of separate shovelfuls of concrete solidified into one solid stone, is symbolic of the work of the Fellowship, made up of the efforts of individuals and destined to become a unified whole. The power that is to weld us all into one is the fire of the spirit. At the hour of the making of the cornerstone the grouping of the sun and three planets in the Midheaven in the fiery, aspirational sign of Sagittarius made possible the downpouring of a large measure of spiritual power. This force melted for a time the barriers of separateness, fusing the manly into a spiritual unity, and giving a foretaste of the joy to be experienced when we have fully learned to overcome the illusion of separateness and to sink personality and personal wishes in the great work for a common aim and purpose. The individuals privileged to be present were conscious of an inner quickening, and the movement as a whole received a spiritual impetus which we believe will carry the work forward in the face of obstacles and difficulties.

   The Message to Max Heindel : Max Heindel wrote in the Rays of October, 1915: "Isn't strange the way all things seem to be ordered about our movement, just as the Elder Brothers said when they gave the following message to the writer in the Temple of the Rose Cross: "Do not worry if things do not go as fast or as smoothly as you think they should; just keep on doing your work from day to day, and when you are really ready to use the various facilities--workers, buildings, machinery, etc.--they will be forthcoming." As an illustration of this, since the cornerstone was made, a check for $3000 was received as well as a number of other donations. Gradually the funds are coming in, and we hope that by Easter they will reach the amount required for beginning construction.

   The powerful and loving vibrations that formed the etheric mold into which the cornerstone was poured should ensure for the Health School a far reaching influence for good. May this wave of healing, unifying power carry us on to our goal, the realization of our earnest desire to be found worthy to receive the Healing Panacea."

   Yours in the Cause of Health,


   Rays from the Rose Cross, February 1930, p. 58-60.


   Since the making of the cornerstone on December 11th, added interest has been shown in our project of building a Health School or Sanatorium. We are reprinting at the head of this page a cut of the architect's preliminary plan showing one proposed arrangement.

   Health Lectures for Convalescents. The term, "Health School," which Max Heindel suggested as the name of this institution is significant. As the term implies, it is to be not merely an ordinary sanatorium but also a school. We know there is comparatively little use in healing people merely in order that they may return to their old live of self-indulgence which produced their disease in the first place. When self-indulgence has brought its natural fruitage of disease and pain, it stirs the spirit out of its lethargy, and stimulates it to seek for the reason. Then it is possible for a program of regeneration to be instituted. Here is where occult philosophy comes to the rescue by showing the basic Laws of Consequence and Rebirth and that man must reap what he sows. It is proposed to include in our Health School, lectures for convalescent patients, dealing particularly with the cause of health and disease from the standpoint of the Rosicrucian Philosophy and showing the necessity of conforming to cosmic law in order to become permanently well. These lectures will be delivered by resident members of Mount Ecclesia who are well versed in the Rosicrucian Philosophy and healing.

   Max Heindel's Expectations : It is interesting to note one of Max Heindel's statements in regard to this Sanatorium and to see what some of his expectations were in regard to it. In his letter to students of August 1st, 1913, he says: "On August 6th at 2 P. M. we are going to lay the foundation for the nucleus of our Sanitarium, so that we may commence forthwith to care for the sick and give our students practical experience. Please join us in prayer for the success of the work." It is particularly to be noted that he expected the Sanatorium not only to accomplish its object of healing, but also to serve as a training school for our students where they could obtain practical experience in healing work.

   Progress to Date : So far we have received $16,192 for the Sanatorium and pledges for future payment to the amount of $3,911, making a total of $20,103. We are getting within sight of our goal, and it is our hope that we shall reach by Easter the amount required to start the actual work of making the plans and constructing the building. Easter would be a most auspicious time for beginning this humanitarian work, because the resurrection of the Cosmic Christ at Easter would be symbolical of the lesser resurrection of human beings which it is confidently expected this institution will bring about. This Health School will not be just an ordinary sanatorium or hospital such as one may find anywhere throughout the country. It will have a special function and significance intimately connected with our philosophical and spiritual work, because we believe it will be definitely helping us to qualify for receiving the Spiritual Panacea which the Elder Brother promised Max Heindel years ago and which has been delayed by the fact that so far we have not qualified.

   Conservative Management : We propose to go into this undertaking conservatively, not providing a lot of equipment and facilities in excess of what there may be a demand for. Equipment can always be added as the demand makes it necessary. This policy together with the fact that the nature-cure methods to be employed are comparatively inexpensive to administer is a guarantee of financial soundness in the operation of the Health School, and will prevent it from jeopardizing the financial security of the Fellowship.

   Letters from Our Students : Our students continue to write enthusiastic letters of approval of this enterprise, and we quote below a few extracts to show the prevailing trend of opinion:

   "I jumped for joy when I saw the plan of the sanitarium, and I do hope that God in His infinite mercy will speak to the hearts of the people to give abundantly so that it will be in working order in the near future."--M. de E.

   "I am so delighted at the thought that you will have a health home at Headquarters. You know how I feel about this. Anyone who has worked all his life, as I have, with the physical wants of humanity know the crying needs of such a place. There are so many who are ignorant of the laws of health and food. Spiritual development in a defiled body only means failure. I am sure the money will come."--M. A. B.

   "I think the health sanitarium will fill a long felt need. Rest assured that as God prospers me you good people shall have it. I consider it a great privilege to be able to give to a holy cause that I know to be the highest on earth at this time. "--Mrs. R. C. H.

   "I have read with interest your plans for the sanitarium. I am glad you are to undertake this work for you will be able to do so much more for suffering humanity. I can only do a bit, but I would be glad to have one of your pledges so that I may have a share, if only a tiny one, in the undertaking."--Mrs. C. W.

   " Rejoice that at last we are to have a hospital at Headquarters. I have had it in mind for a long time. I do so want to help in a big way to build it but can only send a small offering at this time--in hopes more will follow. But with this small offering goes a heart full of love and gratitude and a deep desire to be of service. May the new hospital prove as great a blessing as the other departments have shown themselves to be."--F.B.V.

   We know that this Health School is making an appeal to our students throughout the world, and it is our hope and prayer that it may soon be realized.

  Rays from the Rose Cross, March 1930, p. 114-115.


   During the past ten months we have outlined quite fully and in considerable detail in this magazine the proposed Rosicrucian Health School or Sanatorium at Mount Ecclesia, describing the methods which would be used, the various kinds of physio-therapy in which it would specialize, and the reasons why it was felt there was a need and demand for this sort of an institution. We have quoted various statements by Max Heindel showing his views regarding it, his belief as to the necessity of it, and his expectations relative to the important results which it would accomplish. We have also explained why the name, "Health School," has been proposed, namely, that it is to be a school as well as a Sanatorium, instructing convalescent patients by means of lectures on the Rosicrucian principles of health, for there is comparatively little use to heal people of disease merely in order that they may return immediately to their old lives of self-indulgence which brought on the disease in the first place.

The Source of Our Patronage

   There is one other matter which we would like to mention in connection with this enterprise, and that is the source of the patronage which the institution will receive and upon which of course its success will depend. In conversation some little time ago with a registered nurse, a woman of wide experience in hospital work and one who was, until her retirement, in close touch with up- to- date hospital practice, she stated that in her opinion the Rosicrucian Health School and Sanatorium would be practically assured of success because of its large number of students and members located all over the United States, from whom it would draw its patronage. She said that it would be vastly different from the starting of an ordinary private hospital or sanitarium, which would have to depend on expensive advertising to draw its patients from the general public. Such advertising as we shall do will be inexpensively conducted through the medium of our magazine and our regular periodicals to students.

   Physical and Etheric Work under Direction of Same Institution. : It is designed that this Sanatorium shall be an adjunct to the Rosicrucian system of


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