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The Rosicrucian Teaching

The Rosicrucian Fellowship is composed of men and women who study the Rosicrucian Philosophy known as the Western Wisdom Teachings as presented in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. This Christian Mystic Philosophy presents deep insights into the Christian Mysteries and establishes a meeting ground for Art, Religion, and Science. Max Heindel was selected by the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross to publicly give out the Western Wisdom Teachings in order to help prepare mankind for the coming age of Universal Brotherhood, the Age of Aquarius.

Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Max Heindel
Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception may be read online or downloaded as an e-book.

The work of the Rosicrucian Fellowship is to spread the gospel and heal the sick. This is achieved by making the Western Wisdom Teachings available to all who are willing to receive them, by providing a Healing Department which emphasizes spiritual healing along the principles of right living, and by making The Rosicrucian Fellowship books and home study courses available upon request.

These correspondence courses include: studies in Esoteric Christian Philosophy using the basic textbook, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception; a Bible study course that helps to bring a better understanding of the satisfying truths contained in the Bible; and studies in Spiritual Astrology as a key to the Spirit, designed toward spiritual development and self-knowledge, as well as an aid to healing through Astro-Diagnosis.

One of the basic conditions on which the Western Wisdom Teachings were given to Max Heindel was that no price should be put on them. This condition was faithfully observed by Mr. Heindel and is still adhered to. Although the Rosicrucian Fellowship books are sold, the services of our Healing Department, the Correspondence Courses, and the various School activities continue to be offered on a free-will love-offering basis. The Rosicrucian Fellowship has no connection with any other organization. There are no membership dues or fees.

What is the essential difference between the teachings
of the Rosicrucian Philosophy and the Orthodox Church?