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Dear Friend,
We thank you for your interest in our Teachings. Below are listed the URL addresses for the first lessons of our correspondence courses. We hope you enjoy studying them. Please read further.

Preliminary Philosophy
Course Lesson No. 1:

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Note: If you do not have the money to buy the books for your study with us, you can download our e-book ». Later, when you have the opportunity to make a donation to The Rosicrucian Fellowship, we shall be grateful to receive it.
Junior Astrology
Course Lesson No. 1:

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Please tap here to visit and save this web page: » It has important information you can use for the Junior Astrology Course.

Western Wisdom Bible
Course Lesson No. 1:

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Upon submission of your first lesson to us, it will be corrected and returned to you via e-mail with the URL of the next lesson.

PLEASE HELP US! Please use your entire 9 digit ZIP code on all correspondence to us (US residents only). Thank you.

About Our Courses

The following courses – offered on a love offering basis – are open to all except hypnotists and professional mediums, palmists and astrologers, and are available in several languages.

Philosophy Courses

1. Preliminary Course (12 lessons). Completion allows one to become a member of The Rosicrucian Fellowship.

The Rosicrucian

by Max Heindel
(our main textbook)

This book gives a complete outline of the Western Wisdom Teaching as far as it may be made public at the present time. It contains a comprehensive outline of the evolutionary processes of man and the universe, correlating science with religion. The author received this Teaching personally from the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is their latest communication.

An inspiring book containing investigated facts which bridge the seeming gap between Religion and Science; facts that thrill the modern intellect and comfort the old-fashioned heart. Occultism points the way to Christ when faith alone cannot find Him.

For a book intended specially to give busy people a solution to life's basic problems as contained in the mind- and heart-satisfying Rosicrucian Philosophy, please read The Rosicrucian Mysteries.

2. Supplementary Course (after completing above course – 40 lessons)

No Printed Answers

The first Supplementary lesson is sent when we return the student's answer to the Preliminary Lesson No. 12. This Supplementary work is entirely optional but we consider it most valuable in furthering spiritual development. The Supplementary Course is not connected with the Student's Monthly Lesson and Letter.

The Student Bi-monthly Mail
Enclosed Card to be
Signed and Returned

This mail is sent after the student has completed the Preliminary Course. It goes out from another Department and is the only one sent at a given date. No questions are asked in these lessons, no answers expected, but if you wish to keep your connection with the Rosicrucian Fellowship you must sign and return to Headquarters the card for two months that is enclosed. After you have sent in 12 cards for 24 months, consecutively, you may apply for Probationership.

Western Wisdom
Bible Course

This profound course will help the Student to recognize in the Bible a spiritual guide of inestimable value given to humanity by the Recording Angels, and will enable the Student to interpret and understand its hitherto unrevealed secrets of life and being to such an extent that they find its truths corroborated and illumined by scientific discoveries. Parables and seemingly insignificant incidents become revealed as purveyors of basic scientific spiritual laws upon which a more satisfactory and truly successful life may be patterned (28 lessons).

Spiritual Astrology

The Junior Course covers the setting up of the chart and then advances to the reading of it, showing the Student how to synthesize the horoscope as a whole and arrive at a point where the message contained therein may be read (26 lessons).

The Senior Course is devoted to the esoteric phases, particularly in connection with one's spiritual development (12 lessons).

The Senior Extension Course devotes its first 10 lessons to an in- depth reading of the horoscope, at the same time correlating the astrological data with the Rosicrucian Philosophy. The last three lessons are devoted to the progression of the horoscope, directions, and transits (13 lessons).

Materials needed
for the three
Courses in Astrology:

1. "Simplified Scientific Ephemeris" for 1911, 1912, and 1932 computed for NOON.

2. "Simplified Scientific Tables of Houses".

3. "Simplified Scientific Astrology" (Complete textbook on the art of erecting horoscopes, with dictionary of astrological terms).

4. "The Message of the Stars" (An esoteric exposition of Natal and Medical Astrology explaining the arts of reading and progressing the Horoscope and diagnosing diseases).

5. Horoscope Data Sheet (one dozen) NOON.

6. Rosicrucian Fellowship Ephemeris Software » (not required, but perhaps useful). RF_Astro » also has ephemeris calculation capabilities.

Please tap here to visit and save this web page. » It has important information you can use for the Junior Astrology Course.

Information for the
Astrological Student

Dear Friend,
We are happy to have your application for our Astrology course. Our three courses in Astrology are based on the Teachings as given to humanity by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order through The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception.

We think it would be advisable to enroll in the Preliminary Philosophy Course (twelve lessons) along with your Astrology course, because we think your study of Spiritual Astrology will be more meaningful. We trust that the understanding of life and its problems offered by this course will bring you much comfort and joy.

A new Age is dawning, and wonderful opportunities await those who understand and cooperate with the cosmic forces operating to break humanity's bond of materialism and usher in a new order with higher spiritual concepts. As we bring ourselves into harmony with these forces, we not only greatly hasten our own progress, but make it possible for us to aid in the great work of uplifting all humanity.

These lessons are not sold. The Rosicrucian Teaching is free, but the expenses incidental to their production and distribution are met by free-will offerings from students "as the heart dictates and the means permit". However, all receive the same teaching and attention even though circumstances may be such that some are unable to assist in supporting the work.

Please feel that we are your friends and that we consider it a pleasure and a privilege to assist you in any way possible to live the higher life, which leads to true happiness and spiritual unfoldment.

We send our best wishes for your spiritual progress.

Learning Spiritual
Astrology Online

Astrology is the key to character and character is destiny. Therefore, it is evident that a knowledge of astrological influence is of the utmost importance. By it, one may remodel his character and thereby gradually change his environment and his destiny.

Reality of
Astrolgical Influence

The influence of the stars upon human life is real, not imaginary. It is not a superstition of the Middle Ages rejuvenated by a few overzealous persons. This statement needs not be taken upon faith alone; it can easily be checked by the preliminary student.

Not Fortune Telling

To The Rosicrucian Fellowship, astrology is a phase of religion, and not to be confused with fortune telling. We consider the calculation and reading of horoscopes for money a prostitution of this Divine Science. We advise that people learn the fundamentals of the science so they can read their own horoscopes. This can be done to better advantage by a person himself than by a professional who does not know the inner nature of the person in question, or how he is likely to react to planetary influences.

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  In fellowship,
  The Rosicrucian Fellowship

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