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The Western Wisdom Teachings



    The Western Wisdom School teaches that God is the Creator of our solar system and all that exists; that in all nature a slow process of development is constantly carried on with unwavering persistence through repeated embodiments in forms of increasing efficiency; that the goal of every created thing is perfection, which is ultimately attained by all. It emphasizes that as we sow, so shall we reap, and that it is possible for us to hasten or retard our own soul growth by the way we live. It unfolds the whole plan of creation from the beginning to the end, and gives specific directions how to proceed in order to accomplish the best results in the most effective manner. It throws light on many perplexing passages in the Bible and bridges the chasm between science and religion by making religion scientific and science religious. It makes no statements that are not supported by logic and reason and it invites questions and investigations.

    The true teachings of the Rosicrucians are a clear call to rectitude and strength of character, to self-reliance, justice, unflinching courage, to honesty, compassion -- in short, all the sterling qualities of mind and soul which go to make a helper and savior of men. The Western Wisdom Teachings clarify the essential truths of Christianity: the immaculate, as opposed to the miraculous, conception of Jesus; the duality of Jesus the man and Christ the divine Archangel Who used his vehicles; the supreme Mission of Christ to teach humanity the Gospel of Love, in the absence of which evolution cannot continue, while taking upon Himself the sins of the world by clothing the planet in His sublime desire essence; the operation of the laws of rebirth and consequence, under which humanity must and will eventually achieve salvation. This salvation is simply but succinctly defined as the result of knowledge of one's true self and adjusting life to spiritual principles.

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