The Protective Aura

Rosicrucian teachers instruct their pupils in regard to creating and maintaining the "Protective Aura", which is a shelter of soul, mind, and body against evil influences directed toward them consciously or unconsciously. This Protective Aura affords a simple but very powerful and efficient means of protection against all adverse psychic influences, "malicious mental magnetism," black magic, etc., and is also an effective armor against psychic vampirism, or the draining of magnetic strength.

Forming the Protective Aura is very simple. It consists merely of the formation of a mental image (accompanied by a demand of the will) of yourself being surrounded by an aura of pure, clear, white LIGHT -- the symbol and indication of SPIRIT. A little practice will enable you actually to feel the presence and power of this Protective Aura. The White LIGHT is the radiation of SPIRIT, and SPIRIT is master of all things.

A teacher has said, "The highest and deepest occult teaching is that the white LIGHT must never be used for attack or personal gain, but that it may properly be employed by anyone, at any time, to protect himself or herself against adverse psychic influences, no matter by whom exerted. It is the armor of the SPIRIT, and may well be employed in such a way whenever the need arises.

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