Aquarian Age Stories for Children

Table of Contents


1] The Little Lame Princess, by Matilda Fancher
2] Spring Sprites, by B. Coursin Black
3] Betty's Dream, by Esther Tobiason
4] Cornelia and the Color Fairies, by Hasmick Vee
5] Oh, Fairy, Tell Me! (Poem), by Cyril Vernor
6] The Garden in Spring, by Grace Evelyn Brown
7] Fairies (Poem), by Catherine M. Bloom
8] What the Pinky-White Blossoms Told Elva, by Helen Boyd
9] Friendly Robin, by Florence Barr
10] Celestia's Gift, by Matilda Fancher
11] Star Babies, by Olga White
12] Jane's Thought Garment, by D. D. Arroyo
13] My Thoughts (Poem), by Patsey Ellis
14] The Princess Who Learned to Smile, by Evelyn Van Gilder Creekmore
15] The Tired Little Worker, by Dorothy V. Baird
16] The Elf-Man (Poem), by John Kendrick Bangs
17] Our Angel Helpers, by Perl Amelia Williams
18] The Taylor Twins at the Fairy Flower Dance, by Maxine V. Griswold
19] The Fairy Bouquet, by Rowena Greenwood Noyes
20] God Is Holding Your Hand, by Clara E. Huffman
21] The Wind (Poem), by Patsey Ellis
22] The Fairy Ring (A One-Act Play for Children), by Helen M. Mann



1] Lucile Meets the Thought Fairies, by Myrtle Hill Leach
2] The Adventurer, by Florence Barr
3] The Little Shadow, by D. D. Arroyo
4] The Fairies' Ministry (poem), by Clara Huffman
5] A Journey with the Fairies, by Emma Mary Coates
6] The Perturbed Little Tree, by Kay Randall
7] Marky and the Angel, by D. D. Arroyo
8] Sleeping Out (poem), by Edna Blevins Lewelling
9] A Garden Fantasy, by Maude H. Wilkinson
10] Felice Meets Greytail, by Ellen D. Wildschut
11] The Enchanted Lake, by Mary-Abby Proctor
12] Billy's Soul, by Helen Boyd
13] Undines (poem), by Patsey Ellis
14] The Little Prince, by Florence Barr
15] Oh! My Tummy! (A playlet for children), by Marjorie Brinkly



1] The Coral Necklace, by Florence Barr
2] Michael's Watermelon, by Patsey Ellis
3] "Let the Whole Wide Earth Rejoice", by Helen Waite
4] James' Gift, by Marguerite Walker
5] What Child Is This?, by Gussie Ross Jobe
6] When (poem), by Ola Sward
7] A Week in Fairyland, by H.P. Nicholls

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16 Stories in this volume



36 Stories in this volume


[For Intermediates]

2 Stories Related to the Each of the 12 Signs



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