Aquarian Age Stories for Children

Oh, Fairy, Tell Me!


Cyril Vernor


    Oh, Fairy Blue ! Oh, Fairy White!
    Tell me where you play each night.
    Oft in the valley I hear the sound
    Of myriad fairies dancing around.

    Oh, Fairy Red! Oh, Fairy Green!
    Please tell me the name of your Fairy Queen.
    I have seen her many a night,
    Traveling fast on a beam of light.

    Oh, Fairy Yellow! Oh, Fairy Brown!
    Where do you go when the moon goes down!
    Do you travel the spaces afar,
    And play hide and seek on the nearest star?

    Oh, Fairy Violet! Oh, Fairy Grey!
    What do you think of all the long day?
    Do you dream of the moonlight's sheen,
    Or the fun you will have on the village green?




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