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The Rosicrucian Mysteries ó An exceptional book

The Mysteries of Life Explained


The Rosicrucian Mysteries

Max Heindel

The Rosicrucian Fellowship
175 Pages
ISBN 0-911274-86-3, Printed, $12.50
November 15, 1998

Religion plays vital psychological and social roles in our lives by providing a structure of what constitutes accepted behaviors and mores, and by its ability to provide explanations for events and problems that are inexplicable by our current technology. Whether one holds fast to the Creationist or Evolutionist movements, or subscribes to animistic beliefs or Eastern views of death, spirit and rebirth, it seems that no one religion can provide all the answers to the difficult questions asked of it.
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The Order of the Rose Cross was founded by Christian Rosenkreuz in the 14th century to solve the mysteries concerning the "Science of Life and Being." While searching for Truths in Germany in 1907, author Max Heindel became the disciple of the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross, who made contact with him on the inner planes and instructed him on the mysterious teachings of Esoteric Christianity.

In attempting to establish with credibility the beliefs of the Rosicrucian Order, Heindel expresses his understanding of Spiritual mysteries by using elements of Faith, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, the New Age, ideas of karma, death and rebirth, and the practices of numerology and the casting of horoscopes. While the taking of such a potpourri approach may seem like a desperate attempt to inculcate dogma in the minds of followers and nonbelievers, the book and its arguments in no way come across as contrived. From the first page Heindel clearly states his premise of "solving the mysteries of manís past evolution, his present constitution, his future development, and the method of attainment," and does a fine job of presenting and supporting his views.

The Rosicrucian Mysteries is divided into five chapters. "The Problem of Life and Its Solutions," offers views on three theories of life and why we are Eternal. "The Visible and the Invisible Worlds" discusses the chemical regions, the etheric region, the desire world, and the world of thought. This is followed by "The Constitution of Man," wherein the vital body, the desire body and the mind are explained in terms of religion. "Life and Death" tells of invisible helpers and mediums, death, the panorama of past life, Purgatory, the three Heavens, birth and Christ-life, the mystery of light, color and consciousness. This is followed by discussions on the education of children and the importance of Mt. Ecclesia and The Rosicrucian Order.

Whether or not you follow this system of beliefs, The Rosicrucian Mysteries is a well-written, well-argued treatise on the source and meaning of life that makes the essential point that a comprehensive understanding of religion and spiritual matters is within our grasp. Heindel asserts that it is only when Intellect (science) and Heart (faith) are joined, that the most important mysteries of our individual lives and faiths can be understood.

This book reads something like a meeting of The Bible, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Tao Te Ching, but with clear vision and stamina. It provides thought-provoking fodder for serious consideration. The message and mission of the Rosicrucian Order, and indeed the underlying theme of this book, is that we should all seek and maintain "a sane mind, a soft heart, and a sound body."

Mark V. Wiley

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